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July 7, 2008

2008 College Football Preview, Haiku Style: THE PAC 10

I don’t see the point of writing a long-winded preview of the 2008 college football season when you can go to Books-A-Million or Barnes and Noble to find 300+ pages of amazing writing from, say, Phil Steele, all for less than $10.

So I want to keep things as short as possible while still providing my opinion on the final conference standings, bowl matchups and ultimately the BCS title game next January in Miami.

The result: Haikus for every team, every conference, every bowl matchup Division I-A has to offer this year. First up was the “best” conference in the land, the SEC, which you can read here. After that was my favorite conference, the Big XII, which you can read here. Next up is the Pacific 10.

Warning: These haikus will probably suck.



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