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July 5, 2008

MLB Midseason Report: Part 3

Here’s my ballot, which you know if perfect.



July 3, 2008

All This Brett Favre BS: Remember 5 Months Ago Today?

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Webster Pick(Courtesy Newsday)

No, not that. That was 5 months and 14 days ago today.

But it was Brett Favre’s last pass. And with the Giants having completed their run to glory five months ago today, it’s only fitting that, for the sixth straight month, they are going to be relegated to second-string story again and again, this time thanks to new old controversy over whether Favre will come back for another season (I refuse to call it a retirement when he hasn’t missed a game, or even a training camp, yet). From the beginning of the offseason, they’ve been doubted as the favorites to repeat in the NFL, the NFC, hell, a lot of people don’t think they are going to be the best team in their own division in 2008 (though a repeat in the East would mean 2nd place in the regular season). So what’s another month getting pushed to the backburner, emerging only when Jeremy Shockey or Plaxico Burress “complain” or “shout at the GM?”

It’s gotten to the point where people are already writing the “Giants are taking the doubters as motivation” stories, AND THEY WON THE SUPER BOWL FIVE MONTHS AGO! Aren’t these stories usually reserved for teams that, you know, haven’t won anything?

Ugh…I just wanted to vent, ramble, whatever. Favre pisses me off with this act he pulls each year. You lost, you blew your last best chance to win a Super Bowl, so go home.

My Tampa Bay Rays Conversion Story: Part 1

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I remember it like it was yesterday. 8 years ago this Monday, I moved to Palm Harbor, Fla. from New Jersey. On my way up Hillsborough Avenue after leaving Tampa International, I saw the billboard.

“The Hit Show,” a slogan sitting in the middle of pictures of Greg Vaughn, Vinny Castilla, Jose Canseco and Fred McGriff.

When I got to my new home, I saw the commercial for the first time, and still remember part of the stupid jingle. “Hit Show, Tampa Bay’s hottest plays, Hit Show, Devil Rays set the stage.” 

And that was my introduction to Tampa Bay Devil Rays baseball.


July 2, 2008

MLB Midseason Report: Part 2

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Continuing on with one of our anonymous (and incomplete) ballots.


July 1, 2008

MLB Midseason Report: Part 1

We’re adding to our staff here at No Regard. Before this fine, currently anonymous, gentlemen officially debuts here, we thought we would let him have the first crack at our (true) midseason awards. Here’s how it works:

We will give you our current top five and our projected top five for:

MVP and Cy Young (Voting Points): 7-5-3-2-1

We will also give you our current top three and our projected top three for:

Rookie and Manager of the Year (Voting Points): 5-3-1


Not cool, Manny … not cool

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I’m a big Manny Ramirez guy. He’s fun to watch and he doesn’t take himself too seriously on the field, which makes him even more fun to watch and certainly contributes a large amount to his success.

But what Manny did over the weekend, makes him pretty hard to like right now.

Apparently, Manny doesn’t take things so lightly off the field. According to the Providence Journal, on Saturday Ramirez pushed the Red Sox’s traveling secretary Jack McCormick to the ground when McCormick couldn’t grant Ramirez a ticket request.

Ramirez had asked McCormick for 16 tickets for Saturday night’s Red Sox-Astros game, an unusually high number for day-of-game. In addition to handling all travel details for clubs, traveling secretaries also take player ticket requests for both home and away games.

When McCormick cautioned Ramirez that he might not be able to fulfill his request, Ramirez responded by shouting: “Just do your job!”

An argument ensued and Ramirez pushed McCormick, sending him to the ground.

Later, the two met behind closed doors and Ramirez apologized to McCormick, who accepted the gesture. No further disciplinary action is expected against Ramirez.

That’s simply unnacceptable.


June 30, 2008

T-2 and 1: Because I Can’t Count

Yeah, so, I messed up when originally starting this little NHL Free Agency Preview and now we are T-minus 1 day to the opening of the market. Oh well.

Anyway, with the frenzy upon us, let’s take a look at the best of the best in unrestricted free agents under 30.


June 29, 2008

2008 College Football Preview, Haiku Style: THE BIG XII

I don’t see the point of writing a long-winded preview of the 2008 college football season when you can go to Books-A-Million or Barnes and Noble to find 300+ pages of amazing writing from, say, Phil Steele, all for less than $10.

So I want to keep things as short as possible while still providing my opinion on the final conference standings, bowl matchups and ultimately the BCS title game next January in Miami.

The result: Haikus for every team, every conference, every bowl matchup Division I-A has to offer this year. First up was the “best” conference in the land, the SEC, which you can read here. Next up is my favorite conference, the Big XII. Rock Chalk Jayhawk.

Warning: These haikus will probably suck.


T-3: The New New Thing(s)


(Courtesy The Edmonton Journal)

Three days until the most exciting free agent season in sports opens up, so let’s build off yesterday’s look at the older unrestricted free agents with a look at the younger restricted free agents.


June 28, 2008

Hate To Say I Told You So

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Youzhny(Courtesy Getty Images/Carl De Souza)

From me, this morning:

UPSET SPECIAL: Mikhail Youzhny (+130) over Radek Stepanek

This one has a chance to be a classic. Two players who excel at different things but have the experience battling toe-to-toe with the world’s best – you might remember Youzhny took the first two sets from Rafa Nadal last year at Wimbledon…before slowing down with a back problem and falling in five. Both guys went the distance in round two and will likely battle each other to the same conclusion here, leaving them useless for a possible fourth-round match with Nadal. On a side note, part of the reason I was so ready to pick Gasquet to come out of Rafa’s bracket is because I figured one of these guys would have the gas to wear Nadal down before Gasquet got to him. Doesn’t look like the case; either way, this one should be great and I think Youzhny wins enough long rallies with his backhand to stop Stepanek in give. Expect at least two sets to go to tiebreak.”


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