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July 6, 2008

Wimbledon Final: Live Blog

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Got at least three hours to kill? Good, so do I! Let’s live blog the much anticipated Wimbledon final between:

Roger2 and Rafa

Come on in.

8:43 AM EST: I’m going to go ahead and pick Roger to win this one in five. Here are the numbers:

6-3, 5-7, 7-6 (5), 6-7 (4), 6-4

9:10 AM EST: We’re in a rain delay. Should be starting within the next half hour.

9:30 AM EST: Here we go.

9:36 AM EST: McEnroe says Nadal’s knees are wrapped so tight that the blood flow will be restricted. I know he’s joking but it was still too funny to not mention. Strong first point goes to Rafa.

9:40 AM EST: Roger’s power game comes through after dropping the first point rally. He cleans up with an ace to take the first game.

9:43 AM EST: Fantastic cross-court backhand on defense gives Federer a point to even the second game at 15 all. Very nice job by Roger. Rafa comes back with a good second serve and Roger boots it straight into the net. 30-15. Rafa double faults at 40-15. 40-30 now.

9:44 AM EST: But…Nadal holds. And NBC says the key to the game for both men is “First Serve.” Wow.

9:46 AM EST: Roger attacks the net and puts away a great volley to go up 15-0. Nadal rips one down the line and Federer can’t get across the baseline quick enough. 15 all. Roger forehands one long immediately on the next point and is down 15-30, despite a 128 MPH first serve. Good second serve and Nadal hits it low in to the net on his backhand. Even at 30.

9:47 AM EST: Rafa is at break point now on Federer, and he gets it when Roger completely whiffs on a backhand. Uh oh. That’s going to be huge.

9:56 AM EST: Another great first point, Roger too defensive to get back up and Rafa finishes him to take it. 15-0. Nothing on a backhand return and Rafa rips his forehand cross court to go up 30-0. 40-0 now. Nadal looks good. Really good. Now at 40-15, Rafa runs across the baseline three seperate times but Roger attacks the net and finishes finally on a lob down the line. 40-30. Wow! Roger attacks the net again, and sends it to deuce off the strength of two nice backhands. More amazing defense from Federer, who is now holding the advantage after Rafa hits it long. Despite a bad second serve, Nadal gets back to deuce after Federer goes long.

9:58 AM EST: Advantage Rafa now. But Roger recovers ripping a forehand to Nadal’s left-hand corner, evening it up again. Back to advantage for Rafa, but he puts the ensuing first serve out. Second serve is weak, but Federer backhands it right into the net. 3-1 Nadal.

10:00 AM EST: It takes Federer approximately 4.3 seconds to hold at love. 3-2.

10:05 AM EST: Roger can’t finish as he drives a backhand chance into the net at 15 all. Now 30-15 Rafa. Again deciding to attack the net, which he’s done will so far, but Nadal drives one by him to the left corner, and it’s academic from there, as Roger misses going down the line. 4-2 Nadal.

10:08 AM EST: Nadal is much more decisive than Federer when he has a chance at a strong backhand return. 30-15 though for Federer here. And a fantastic volley at the net allows Roger to serve with two game points. Nadal saves one, putting a forehand at Roger’s feet to force a weak return and finishing with a cross-court forehand. No matter, though, as Federer holds. 4-3 Rafa.

10:12 AM EST: Roger struggling at the net now, lobs now right in to go down 30-0. 40 now. And Nadal goes with the between the legs shot on the return of some nice work by Federer, but its long. With triple game point, why no? And indeed, Rafa holds. 5-3.

10:14 AM EST: It takes Federer approximately 5.2 seconds to hold at love again. Rafa will serve for the set at 5-4.

10:19 AM EST: We’re at 15 all in a possible deciding game, and Roger’s returns are on point to get him up at 15-30. Here we are now at set point, one chance for Rafa to keep it from deuce. He can’t take advantage though, and Roger bounces back after a weak return of serve to even it. Deuce.

10:22 AM EST: And here Roger stands again at break point after attacking the net successfully. But on the next point, Roger can’t handle Rafa’s top spin and sends a volley long. Ace for Nadal, he now has another set point. First ace of the game for Rafa.

And…of course, I have to leave in the middle of the first set to attend to something. Hopefully I’ll be back by the third set, but I’m DVR’ing. Sorry, but enjoy the rest of this, it’s going to be classic.

12:30 PM EST: Hey, I’m back and caught up! And…we’re in a rain delay. Looks like I just caught up at the perfect time though, because they are saying the match should be on again soon.

1:08 PM EST: Match re-starts in five.

1:17 PM EST: And we’re back with Rafa serving down 5-4 in the third, up two sets. And man, not to break it down too much, but this has been such an interesting and well played match. You can feel Federer taking in the pressure, because he’s an uncharacteristically bad 1/12 on break points, while Nadal is 3/7, to include a missed chance at 0-40. Easy point to start the game for Rafa. And he follows with an ace. Pretty much the same thing next point as Federer hits the return into the net. Two quick points in a row for Federer, pretty bad plays by Rafa as he goes long on both. And, again, wow, a double fault by Nadal. I mean, this match has had some crazy circumstances. Here comes Roger’s chance to take the set. But a great forehand is too much for Roger to reach down the line and he taps it long on the return. And then gets 15 seconds to set up a wicked forehand to bring it back to deuce. Whew…

1:18 PM EST: Nadal back on advantage, and he finishes. 5 all.

1:21 PM EST: Federer up 15-0 on serve, but drives another backhand into the net. Too much time, probably, as McEnroe said. Just a very awkward shot. After taking advantage of a successful challenge on a serve called long for double fault, Roger takes two points quickly and finishes with an ace. Break or we’re looking at a tiebreak.

1:26 PM EST: Rafa is cleaning up on serve and is up 40-0. Ace to finish. Tiebreak time. 126 MPH is Nadal’s hardest of the day.

1:28 PM EST: Federer destroys the first serve in the tiebreak, up 1-0 on the ace. Federer, again with plenty of time and an easy win on his racket, drives a backhand long. He’s trying to hard to place hard-to-hit shots on Nadal’s end, but that’s almost impossible with Rafa. 2-1 Nadal. Federer goes long on his return, challenges, is right again. That’s a shame, he had that point. But he answers with an ace. 2-2. And another ace. 3-2.

1:32 PM EST: So Rafa is back with the serve, down 3-2. Federer crushes a second serve and Rafa has to go low. He hits it in to the net. 4-2 Federer. And on the next shot, Federer goes cross court, brings himself to the forefront and crushes one to take a 5-2 lead. Very nice rally called wide on a Federer finish, he challenges and loses. Nadal comes up big, 5-3 now. But another ace makes it three set points for Roger. Rafa serving, easy volley is punched to the corner to make it 6-4. And a fantastic serve is one-handed into the net by Roger, who will have to do it on his own here up 6-5 with two set points saved. Let’s see. Ace. Ha ha, just brillant stuff. We are in for a finish, folks. Buckle up. 2-1 in sets for Rafa.

1:43 PM EST: Nadal wins his first serve, so does Federer. Not much resistance on either. 1-1 in the 4th. Nadal plays strong defense as Federer attacks the net to start the third game, finishing cross court to go up 15-0. And the same exact thing happens on the other end, great shot by Roger. 15 all. More amazing defense now by Roger, who frustrates Nadal on a long rally; Rafa hits his forehand into the net. 15-30. Two straight Nadal points make it 40-30, and he faults on the first serve. Doesn’t matter though, Federer is long on a second serve return. 2-1 Rafa.

1:43 PM EST: Not much action to start this set. Both guys have held strongly, and Roger looks somewhat confident again. Prediction: Winner of this set wins the match. I know, it’s obvious for Nadal, so basically if he loses this set I don’t see him winning the fifth. 2-2 in the 4th.

2:31 PM EST: Best match of the year, one of the five best of the decade. What drama in the fourth set tiebreak, and Roger Federer will NOT lose this match. I don’t feel like I can do this match justic.


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