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June 22, 2008

Land Of Confusion: Edgar Renteria? Really?

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Edgar(Courtesy AP/Eric Risberg)

Hey, that guy on the right is a Hall of Famer.

Welcome to the Land of Confusion.

I don’t even know how to say this, but I was flabbergasted when I glanced up at Sportscenter while on the treadmill the other day.

DET Renteria: 2000th career hit



Edgar Renteria?

How old is he again?

No, he can’t be seven weeks from turning just 33. No f’n way.

I mean, doesn’t that mean he’s a really, really good bet to get 3,000 hits, a stupid but long-standing benchmark for the Hall of Fame?

Yeah, it does, and it is going to happen, which means that in, oh, 2020, we are going to have a very, very interesting debate on our hands.

Is a player, who isn’t widely considered one of the 5 best at his position in his era (A-Rod, right or wrong…Jeter…Tejada…Young…Nomar…Vizquel…all names that many would consider better than Renteria, or at least on par with) good enough to be in Cooperstown?

The short answer, with the Hall’s current standards, is yes. Should Edgar Renteria reach 3,000 hits, he’ll reach the Hall of Fame, even if 500-750 of those hits come after he moves out of the shortstop position.

Let’s consider that the only sure HOFers in the current crop of shortstops is Jeter and A-Rod (let’s not debate what position he really is…he could have retired before going to the Yankees and he would have had a strong enough resume to make the Hall).

I do believe that Young and Nomar are better players than Renteria, but obviously Nomar is done producing and Young got too late a start to make a big enough dent in the statistic compilation category. While 2,300-2,500 hits is a possibility, Young will have to magically end up on a winning team and/or discover a power stroke to have any chance at all. It won’t happen.

That leaves Vizquel, whose picked up more than 2,600 hits in 20 seasons to go along with his deserved reputation as an all-time great defensively. Despite his career sub-700 OPS (695), he is likely going to get in the Hall on the back of the aforementioned defensive prowess he showed for two decades.

So maybe I’m wrong, maybe Renteria is the 3rd or 4th best shortstop of this generation if you look at career profiles (though if I’m starting a franchise I’d take Young and Nomar’s peak over Renteria). If you want to be nitpicky and throw out A-Rod, then maybe only Jeter is better.

Baseball Reference, the greatest statistical database on the Internet, gives Renteria a pretty poor chance at the Hall based on their two standards of tracking, which you can read about here. Nevertheless, I found it shocking that Renteria had knocked off such a high standard of measurement at an early age. Even if he’s a league average player for 6 more years, it could be enough to get him in the Hall, or, at the very least, create a very interesting debate about the 3,000-hit mark that may change HoF standards forever.


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