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June 9, 2008

There Is Only One…Thanks Mike

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StrayQuits(Courtesy David Duprey/AP)

He stomped out the single-season record book, the Giants career sack record and a string of past and present Pro Bowl quarterbacks this past January and February on the way to what many Giants fans had to see coming.

A career-capping Super Bowl victory.

As a Giants fan, I wouldn’t have it any other way. Michael Strahan is one of the true defining faces of New York Giants football. He will go down as the franchise’s second greatest defensive player and its heartbeat in a rollercoaster era of terrible turmoil (the playoff collapses against Minnesota and San Francisco, the loss in Super Bowl 35) and tremendous triumph (February 3, 2008, the 41-0 win in the 2001 NFC Title Game, the remarkable run to the playoffs in 2002). He fought through a public divorce, the fans turning in him during two contract disputes and resentment over his public personality to do all of this; can you blame the guy for wanting to go out this way, all the career highlight reels starting with the “Stomp you out” clip at the championship parade and ending in his sideline declaration that “17-14 is the final, OK?” after the Patriots took the lead late in SB XLII?

Plenty of people that know the man much better than I do will wax poetically about Mike over the next few days and weeks and even when the regular season starts in 3 months, so I’ll stop here. All I can say is “Thanks Mike,” for bringing us a title, for teaching Osi and Justin, for putting yourself out there, and, most important…for bringing us a title. I’m sure if you didn’t, I’d be pretty bitter right now.


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