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June 7, 2008

Talk About Being Wrong

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Not only did Big Brown get completely embarassed by finishing last at the Belmont Stakes, all FIVE of my UFC 85 main card picks were wrong. The term “time to hang it up” never applied more to anyone than it does to Matt Hughes right now. The Xyience “country breakfast” commercials were funny in an ironic way when Hughes was outlasting people and/or knocking them out as champion, but now they seem like an un-ironic parity of a guy who doesn’t have the reflexes and/or gas to win a fight against a top-level opponent. It’s a shame; at least Randy Couture went out on top by beating the best the UFC had to offer in his division and below (Chuck Liddell and a very underrated Tim Sylvia). Right now, Hughes is ruining his legacy as the one who defined the UFC in its hayday, coming up from considered “banned” by the bigwigs in D.C. to a mainstream mainstay. He needs to take a fight against a crossroads type opponent like Karo Parisyan, win, and call it quits in his post-fight interview with Joe Rogan. That’s the only way a true Hall of Famer like Hughes can go out.


Tampa has recovered from their seemingly pathetic performance in Boston to show that they’ve gained moxie and killer instinct in Texas so far this weekend. I really thought the Rays would struggle after the Beantown Brawl on Thursday, but they’ve bounced back to beat a hot Rangers team in Arlington the last two nights, keeping pace with Boston today and gaining a game on them yesterday. They are in a great position to finish out the road trip strong with their final game in Texas tomorrow before moving on to Los Angeles to battle the Angels in a battle between teams currently in the American League playoffs.


I’m still sticking with Lakers tomorrow. 105-96. Book it.


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