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June 1, 2008

Hi! I’m Ignorant!

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I’m also scared.

You see, when I wrote my column for today’s St. Louis Post Dispatch, I was sure nobody would take notice. I’m one of the living legends of sports journalism; I can be found regularly on several national outlets, including MSNBC, HBO and ESPN.

So why would I even think that I’d get called to the carpet for my piece today about mixed martial arts making its primetime network debut?

Sure, Ultimate Fighting Championship President Dana White embarrassed me in a 2-minute segment on the Sunday evening Sportscenter; but how was I to know about the “facts” regarding MMA? My segment with Mr. White opened my eyes.

I referenced “MMA apologists” and their claim of “mayhem” being the “appeal” of MMA in my column today, yet never quoted a single person other than, well, myself. Ignorant.

I called MMA “underworld barbarism,” yet until Mr. White informed me that the UFC has never had a single death or life-threatening injury as a direct result of one of their fights, I didn’t realize that a 24-year-old human being almost died in front of 70,000+ people in Buffalo last September. Ignorant. Nevermind the fact that there has only been one death as a result of a professional mixed martial arts fight in its history. My ignorance allowed me to forget Duk Koo Kim, the South Korean boxer who died after a primetime network fight on…CBS.

I said that MMA fighters, who I unfairly lumped as a singular entity in the mold of the poorly-presented EliteXC fighters who were part of Saturday’s card, are allowed to knee each other in the groin (wrong) and attempt to rupture each other’s kidneys. I mean, how could I forget about the goal of sacking a quarterback or throwing body punches in boxing or throwing a punch in a hockey fight? Ignorant.

I said that those same imaginary “MMA apologists,” who I then turned into “MMA loyalists” believe I’m a “behind-the-times boxing apologist.” I also said boxing didn’t have the same appeal because of the lack of top-end talent in the sport. Igno…oh, wait. They are right, and so am I. I am behind the times and boxing DOES lack top-end talent. Chalk one up for me!

And instead of rehashing it in paraphrase form, let me just quote the most ignorant paragraph of all:

“But sadly, instead of halting the slide, CBS is driving the bus directly into the cultural abyss by putting this on national television for the first time, instead of allowing it to wallow in a corner on cable TV with all the other cartoonish “reality” fare.”

How could I forget about all the cartoonish reality fare on network TV, the ones that include, as I said in my second paragraph, “over-the-hill rap stars, dysfunctional brides, celebrities in rehab, ostentatious suburban housewives and a wild menagerie of other mindless idiots.”

How could I forget:

The Bachelor(ette)
For Love or Money
Average Joe
Fear Factor
My Big Fat Obnoxious Boss/Fiance
Joe Millionaire
Big Brother
Nanny 911
Trading Spouses

And that’s just off the top of my head! Just think how much embarrassment I could have avoided if I wasn’t lazy and…ignorant.


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