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July 16, 2008

Celebrate another sports holiday by staying completely still!

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Last night’s MLB All-Star Game was one for the ages. It was a lot of things, but in the end, it was fantastic.

And its end was the beginning of another one of sports’ annual holidays. We all know that people love to take the Monday after the Super Bowl off from work. The start of the NCAA men’s basketball tournament is also synonymous with low productivity.

But, of all the days in the year, today is the day in which everyone should do absolutely nothing. It’s almost required. Why? Because in the sports world, today is the day of nothing. It’s the day after the baseball All-Star game, aka THE MOST BORING DAY IN SPORTS!

What’s going on today? You’ve got day 135 of the Brett Favre drama and two minor league all-star games. That’s it. The kids over at SportsCenter must be thrilled that last night’s game turned into the baseball edition of War and Peace because at least they’ll have something to talk about.

But, you shouldn’t worry about that. You need to honor this day for the abyss that it is. Mundane to the max!

Count the pixels on your TV screen.

Organize the nickels in your house by year.

See how long you can go without blinking and then try to break that record.

I’m probably already in violation because this post is probably too stimulating for a day like this.

Barbecues and trips to the beach are strictly prohibited. Just stay in bed, facing straight up. Try not to turn. Just lie there, speechless, for the next 24 hours. Only then will you match the true spirit of this sports holiday. We’ll wake you up on Thursday, when you actually have something to pay attention to.

(Don’t) Have fun!


July 12, 2008

A Blast from the Past

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People usually favor the past over the present. It isn’t a statement that applies to all, but the past represents a time when you were younger and life was probably more innocent. Plus, no one enjoys getting older. So, with all the nice comeback stories in Major League Baseball this year — Josh Hamilton, Jon Lester, Rick Ankiel, the Tampa Bay Rays, just to name a few — I think another one is right up there. It’s one that brings me back to the tail end of my childhood.


July 9, 2008

The Campaign Continues

Andy Sonnanstine For 2008 AL Cy Young

Not convinced yet? Already convinced? Doesn’t matter, here’s another reason why you should jump on the Sonny for Cy 2008 Campaign (yes, I understand we have zero influence over the vote as non-BBWAA members, just play along).


MLB Midseason Report: Part 4

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In our final (yet still incomplete) ballot, our other brand new contributor debuts with his ballot. Expect a post sometime soon.


July 8, 2008

The Campaign Continues

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Andy Sonnanstine For 2008 AL Cy Young

No, this is not a joke. Any Photoshop wizards care to create a campaign logo? My undying gratitude to anyone who steps up.


Betrayal of a Southern kind.

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(Editor’s Note: I told you we were adding to the staff here, so go ahead and enjoy the first post from one of our new guys.)

There have been books written about the history of French betrayals, how the country has betrayed democracy and tried to undermine U.S. efforts in the Iraq War. This past weekend, America struck back. Not with its government or military. No, we got something better: The Atlanta Braves. Or at least, that’s how outfielder Jeff Francoeur sees it.

Francoeur, who’s nickname is “Frenchy”, rejoined the club yesterday, three days after he was sent down to the team’s Double-A affiliate. He was mired in the worst slump of his career (1-for-23). He was being booed at by his traditionally sedate home crowd at Turner Field. As a native of Georgia, many thought that Jeff was hearing different solutions from all throughout his nearby family and putting too much pressure on himself to snap the slump. So, the Braves’ brass thought he could use a break.

“We look at it as stepping back for a few days and decompressing and getting his game going again,” Braves General Manager Frank Wren said to the Associated Press on Friday.. “It gives him the ability to do that.”

OK, cool. Take a couple of days, get away from home, go down to the Mississippi Braves, try to refine your swing and we’ll see you back up here soon. Sounds sane enough.


July 7, 2008

The Campaign Starts Now

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Andy Sonnanstine For 2008 AL Cy Young

Sonny for Cy(Courtesy Al Messerschmidt/Getty Images)

No, this is not a joke. Any Photoshop wizards care to create a campaign logo? My undying gratitude to anyone who steps up.


2008 College Football Preview, Haiku Style: THE PAC 10

I don’t see the point of writing a long-winded preview of the 2008 college football season when you can go to Books-A-Million or Barnes and Noble to find 300+ pages of amazing writing from, say, Phil Steele, all for less than $10.

So I want to keep things as short as possible while still providing my opinion on the final conference standings, bowl matchups and ultimately the BCS title game next January in Miami.

The result: Haikus for every team, every conference, every bowl matchup Division I-A has to offer this year. First up was the “best” conference in the land, the SEC, which you can read here. After that was my favorite conference, the Big XII, which you can read here. Next up is the Pacific 10.

Warning: These haikus will probably suck.


July 6, 2008

Wimbledon Final: Live Blog

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Got at least three hours to kill? Good, so do I! Let’s live blog the much anticipated Wimbledon final between:

Roger2 and Rafa

Come on in.


July 5, 2008

Really Stupid Marketing Errors

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I don’t know if the item I’m about to post a picture of is actually for sale, and I’m almost tempted enough to spend 25 bucks to see. You probably won’t get this unless you are an NHL fan, but I don’t care, it’s a horrendous error that I must showcase for all 10 of our readers.


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